My Island, My Life
For Vogue

Vitamine Sea
For Vogue

My model Valentina Dasiou for FEMME Rebelle Magazine

Model Astral Plane
Published at FEMME Rebelle Magazine

Model Milena Vlassopoulou
Published at FEMME Rebelle Magazine

Astral Plane for Femme Rebelle ART NUDE/BOUDOIR GLAMOUR ISSUE

Anna Liakou for Femme Modern Magazine

For Pantevomai (Παντρευομαι) Magazine

Santa Barbara for Venus Cult

Evel for Femme Rebelle Magazine

Evel. Frond and Back inside covers for Crazy Bitch Magazine

Evel for Model Citizen Magazine

Angeliki for Femme Rebelle Magazine

Oliver Doherty for Femme Rebelle Magazine

Santa Barbara for Femme Rebelle magazine

Maka for Delicious Dolls Magazine

My Special thanks to Gothic Bite Magazine for this Showcase and of course my model Valentina Dasiou