The new FOTO album, ‘Altered Mindfulness’, will be released soon, this time as five tracks of collaborations between the duo and co-conspirators, under the rubric of FOTO Collective. Each track also comes with an accompanying video, created by me.
This track here, ‘Focus On Details As Today Shifts Into Past, Tomorrow’s Sun Will Be As Bright As Your Eyes So Keep Them Clean’, is a collaboration with the lovely French gentleman Eric Jovet in his guise as I,Eternal.
In the run up to the release of the new FOTO Collective album next week we are offering up premieres of the videos made for the tracks created by me.
This is for ‘If Your Legs Are Tired Take Care Of Your Soul, You Are Not Supposed To Go Anywhere Today’ which features the experimental guitar work of
Briar Anais Stauffer Lake’s xfeverfewx project.
Another video by me
For the soon-to-arrive FOTO Collective album.This one is for the track ‘Worries And Thoughts Are Friendly, But Don’t Let Them Know Yourself’. With bass drone contribution by Daniel James Dolby.
Another one video for the FOTO Collective album this time featuring Mathias Preuß for the track ” Forget The Night And Forget The Light, Shapes And Shadows Do Not Mean Anything Here”
Once again, a video for the upcoming FOTO Collective album – out this coming Monday – by me, this one with contribution from the always-fascinating project Interzona; ‘Deep Inside There Is A Place Of Quiet, Peace And Silence, Sit Here, This Warmth Needs You To Keep Its Meaning’.